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For workshops on creative writing, please write with your queries at Anybody who is interested in creative writing can get in touch. It doesn't matter whether you've written professionally before or not or whether you've ever been published. If you wish to improve your writing skills, I can certainly help. You're welcome to get in touch. If the writing bug has got you, welcome aboard!

I also hold workshops for students. If your college, institute, or school is interested in getting one organized, please get in touch for details.

Online workshops/sessions

Alternatively, you could opt for an online workshop. It includes a detailed feedback on two short stories (1500-3000 words each) plus guidelines, examples, resource material, exercises, feedback and suggested reading. It will cost you Rs 5000. And I'll move at a pace you are comfortable with.

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'It was a very enriching experience indeed -- much more than I would have imagined it to be. I shall look forward to such opportunities in the future as well.' -- Ritu Bharadwaj, banker, Delhi

'Surely an enriching experience. It cleared the vagueness in my mind regarding how to go about writing stories. The guidance I received at the workshop helped me gain confidence, and the result was evident almost immediately, as the practice-story I wrote after receiving the inputs was markedly better than anything I had written before. I believe I did the aspiring writer in me a favour by attending the workshop. Thanks a lot for your guidance, ma'am. Seriously!' -- Vatsal Vasudev, law student, Jodhpur

'Undoubtedly, I feel benefited from the workshop as others must be.' -- Dilip Singh, former journalist, and publishing professional, Delhi

'A new experience for me. Informative and professional. Lots of learning. The exercises were enjoyable and useful.' Anjana Saxena, English teacher, Delhi

'It was really useful.' -- Onkar Sharma, journalist, Delhi

'I had the most fun today! And it was also very informative and helpful, and a better use of my time than has happened all this summer. Please have more workshops and I'll try my best to be there for them all!' -- Anhiti Patnaik, former student, St Stephen's College.

'The session today was very interactive and enlightening, especially the part about knowing your characters well and showing your readers what they feel, think, say and do. Do keep me informed about sessions that you plan in the future.' -- Lakshmi Gopal, publishing professional

'The workshop was nice, and definitely helpful. Thank you for encouraging me.' -- Shreya Aggarwal, university student

Authorz Coracle is inviting submissions from aspiring writers. Do write to me for details/queries.

I'll be announcing my workshops/programmes here from time to time.

Do watch this space.